Restorative  appointment which is RENAISSANCE DENTAL not correct either  because somebody could be coming in for Perea surgery okay so and then are they  on a short notice most people aren’t using short notice so that’s kind of unimportant does the deductible apply .

That’s kind of unimportant have they failed or cancelled appointment this is a great option to use if you’re trying  to like sort of a quick call list and you don’t want to be mired with a bunch of people who’ve broken multiple appointments so.

You could you  that part most offices aren’t using preferred appointment time but this is a great tool those who have insurance and those without insurance but this is a  great tool to be able to run a list of sort of reactivation lists especially.


RENAISSANCE DENTAL If you’re doing that end of year patients with and without remaining benefits and  then if you want to do a report by provider allows you to pick a preferred I prefer doctor so if I only want to pull for doctor beers patients I could do that where the entire office now.

This  field here that says reco notes to include most people put things in this we call notes field and don’t even realize what they’re what the field is for but I’m going to edit a patient over here and show you this field to show you  that you can use money finder to actually draw people so back at.

The stone age when I worked in a dental office we actually put yeah we put notes up here like W for whitening patients eye for implant patients P for pareo patients who were going back and forth  to the parrot honest and over our ortho patients so I can actually run that money find a report and only pull out patients who have a W so of letter code in Learn more  RENAISSANCE DENTAL