Why My TOOTH POLISHER Is Better Than Yours !!!


  • The metal work of a brace there it  TOOTH POLISHER  can clean around the different parts of the brace without causing any issues but still managing to keep your teeth nice and clean using the oscillating rotating technology then we have the interspace or power tip brush and this is even more specialist than many of the other brush heads.
  • We’ve seen here and this is designed to work with bridges https://www.dentalwishes.com/tooth-polisher/ crowns any implants that you may have had and braces as well because you’ve got very specialist bristles on the end here that designed to get deep in between the teeth and any dental work that you’ve had going on it doesn’t have quite the same surface area so it can get into a much tighter space and allow.

You TOOTH POLISHER to clean your teeth be that with bridges or crowns or a brace with much more ease and effectiveness and of course helping to remove plaque and any debris that you have as well so that’s a video showing the different brush heads available on the oral-b range of toothbrushes we hope that explains the differences and what they may look like now.

I’m not a huge fan of seeing the dentist but when I found a product that takes on my favorite parts about being there which is the polishing I had to show you this product it makes it really fun and easy to get a brighter more sparkly white smile now I know this isn’t the most glamorous thing to talk about but stains and plaque and bacteria can all build up on.

Your teeth and cause them to look TOOTH POLISHER  really dull and simply brushing your teeth and going to the dentist a couple times a year doesn’t always cut it this is going too deeply cleanse your teeth remove all the stains the bacteria the buildup make them really really smooth they feel really nice and it’s going to ultimately make your teeth look brighter and much more radiant so here is the polisher now it comes with three screw on heads here –