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AreĀ  renaissance dental a few different aspects for your question you asked about whether you have one giant bucket versus multiple sub buckets that’s one aspect of your question the other aspect of your question is how large should this overall fund be now to .

renaissance dental
renaissance dental

The first part of your question should it be in one giant fund versus many sub funds those sub funds like specific funds for vacancies versus for repairs versus for maintenance versus four major cats those are frameworks that help you think about how you might want to spend

This money or frameworks that help you view this not as a giant chunk of funds but rather as money that’s earmarked for a specific purpose and so if having that framework in place is a mental construct that helps you think about the rental property emergency fund in a different way or in a helpful way then there’s nothing wrong with having

That mental framework but at the end of the day regardless of whether you think of this as multiple sub buckets or whether you think of this as one giant pot it could be exactly the same amount of money so let’s say for example and I don’t know what the rent on this duplex is going to be but let’s just say for the sake of example that this duplex rents for .

A total of $, a month with each side renting for , a month right so you collect , a month in rent on this Plex and you make the decision that you want to have an emergency fund that represents six months of gross rent which means $, if you want to you could just leave it as a giant lump sum of $, that’s in one single savings account or if you wanted to if you

think that looking at if you think that logging into your bank balance and seeing a big , lump sum is going to trigger feelings of Wow look at how much money I have maybe this is excessive and and you know subsequently then trigger the temptation to raid the