The Secret of Successful For DENTAL HELPS.

That’s easy to use and inexpensive can be used as you need it as many times as you need it and so that’s kind of the the idea  about front office rocks was to have something that teams Instagram could go to or even doctors could go to if they think they need to know you know.

What the stash of you doing up front  and they can do it  you know / at their desk at the front  desk in their office they don’t have to  leave bring in a consultant go to a training seminar so that’s kind of how  front office rocks got started that’s a great story it’s a it’s a it’s an age-old question in this industry that a  lot of people seem to think that really really high price consultants were the only answer.

I think the other thing  too is that training has never been a success of strong suit in dental offices I mean a lot of times somebody comes in and you  just get trained by the person dental helps who did it before you and that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily good at that task and or good at training and so we sort  of get thrown to the Wolves and and I feel that doctors feel that they have to hire people with two years of dentists experience or Eagles loft experience.

 They have to know dentistry well you really don’t I mean when it comes to the front desk I’m not talking about hygienist or assistants but for the front desk you know we can be taught the  dentistry we can be taught the codes and the teeth but you know you can’t teach people a good personality and great customer service and so I feel that this could be a resource for doctors so they  don’t feel like they have to just hire somebody with dental experience.